Software Built to Meet Your Needs

Alert Symbol

Real-Time Alerts

Immediate text message an email alerts sent to any device

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Personalized Data

Choose who receives alerts and what information is important

Magnifying glass

Continuous Monitoring

Trending and collecting informative data 24 hours a day 365 days a year

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Forecast Capital Expenditures

Plan your annual budgets and expenses more accurately

Image of BOS Technology software running on a variety of devices

Bring Your Facility Up-to-Date with IoT Technology

BOS Technology Sensors utilize IoT Technology to allow facilities supervisors to collect critical data, analyze data, and then react to data based on real time information to enhance performance and prevent losses.

Connections between a new building and an older one

Connecting Newer and Aging Facilities with IoT



Target Problem Areas

Find solutions for catastrophic issues quickly and easily to prevent further problems from

Piggy Bank

Consumption Savings

Save money by implimenting low cost solutions to reduce energy and water


Prioritize Maintenance

Know which parts of your facility needs immediate attention and which parts need routine maintenance

Speech Bubbles

Streamline Communication

Automate Compliance Reporting and aggregate all segregated software for simple communication

Remote Equipment Monitoring

Monitor your equipment any time anywhere on your cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Receive immediate text message or email alerts when equipment goes out of threshold or compliance. Access all sites and sensors quickly and easily for optimal monitoring.

Image of BOS dashboard on a smartphone

Real-Time Data Analytics

Receive data in real-time. Trend data to collect accurate thresholds on equipment and react quickly to predicted failures. Filter your view by week, month, or year to help budget for quarterly or annual expenses. Pin point causes of failure by seeing exactly when equipment has critical failures. Receive real-time information on energy and water consumption to lower utilities costs.

Detail of BOS dashboard

Predictive Failure Analysis

Receive updates on equipment failure with accurate timelines. Predict failure on anything including pumps, motors, belts, and shafts. Become more proactive with the ability to prevent failure and prioritize maintenance. Have the ability to aggregate with work order softwares and create work orders based on failure prediction. Monitor the temperature and vibration of any equipment.

Detail of BOS dashboard graph

Automate Compliance Reporting

Monitor critical area’s of your facility such as isolation, operating, and chemo rooms. Receive data on differential pressure, water temperature, and air quality for CDC ( Center for Disease Control ) compliance. Monitor water temperature to prevent the spread of waterborne bacteria such as legionella. Receive generator reports and monitor generator system and fuel levels to ensure patient and tenant safety and comfort.

Detail of report selection screen
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