The Lasting Impact of Poor Facilities Management on Customer and Tenant Loyalty

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On a day to day basis, customers and tenants expect facilities to operate smoothly. No one predicts a power outage or plumbing issues. We do this without even thinking about the team that is responsible for overseeing all of the mechanical infrastructure of a building. Behind the scenes, however, a facilities team is working to ensure that operations run smoothly and customers and tenants have the best experience possible. Their responsibility is to monitor all the equipment, plumbing, and electrical and be available immediately for repairs if needed. Believe it or not, facilities management plays a lasting and critical role in customer service and loyalty.

Increased risk to customers and tenants can result in a bad reputation and costly lawsuits

Portrait of woman complaining about food quality and taste in restaurant.

Monitoring refrigeration in restaurants is critical and a common practice. It’s important for management to know when refrigeration failures occur as it can result in food-borne illnesses, which can put a customer in the hospital or worse. According to The World Health Organization ( ) more than 200 diseases are spread through food. The CDC ( ) estimates that 48 million people get sick from these are year. The last thing any company wants is to be fighting a lawsuit or be shut down due to faulty refrigeration.

Outside of the restaurants and food courts, facilities need to monitor areas susceptible to leaks. Unfortunately, in a large building, this could be almost anywhere. Leak detection devices, although less common, can be very effective alerting facilities management when and where a leak occurs. This is important due to the high risk of a leak causing structural damage or resulting in customer and client injuries. On top of that, leaks are an eyesore and can be especially aggravating for tenants.

With leaks, moisture, mold, and air quality issues can arise. This can be in addition to poor ventilation and HVAC issues. Mold can result in serious health issues and poor air quality can cause discomfort such as symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin irritation. Monitoring air quality allows property companies to detect mold and other serious issues before tenant and customer complaints pile up.

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Stacks of work orders can lead to employee stress

Facilities management has work orders to fill and preventative maintenance to conduct on multiple buildings and floors. Large work loads cause high stress, which can sometimes result in poor maintenance. We don’t ever want to believe people cut corners to get the job done, but at the end of the day a temporary solution is still a solution. In many cases, poorly conducted maintenance checks can result in catastrophic failures. Small things like broken belts and motors, faulty electrical work, and low generator fuel levels can cause much larger issues. Many companies rely solely on their building automation system and preventative maintenance to stay ahead of their facility. Unfortunately, all it takes is one major error to cause issues that can seriously impact tenants and customers. Adding sensors for predictive maintenance to mechanical equipment allows remote monitoring of systems that can cause a huge headache for everyone involved when failed.

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Overall, customers and tenants lose loyalty due to discomfort

Poor plumbing, HVAC, and lighting can quickly deter customers and tenants from resigning a lease or returning to a retail space. Not only will they find a competitor to go to, but companies can end up with poor reviews. More than half of consumers won’t use a business if it has less than a 4 star rating. This percentage goes up for tenants, 90% of who read reviews before renting a space. Customers and tenants expect companies to provide a comfortable space for them to be in at all times. Comfortable customers and tenants will continue to come back and share their experiences with family and friends.

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